Congratulations: chentai company has been recognized as A class A research and development institution of industrial enterprises in hebei province in 2018

Dec 20, 2018

On December 10, 2018, shijiazhuang chentai filter paper co., ltd. was recognized as the r&d institution of industrial enterprises in hebei province and rated as grade A

Notice on the announcement of the second batch of research and development institutions of industrial enterprises in hebei province in 2018

Enterprise r & d institutions are technological innovation organizations established by enterprises with independent research and development capabilities. They are institutions engaged in technical research in related fields, and carry out technical development, process development, product development and related technical service activities. They are relatively independent research and development entities or organizations in enterprises.

Enterprise r & d institutions have the conditions

1. It has a fixed research and development place and advanced engineering technology test conditions, infrastructure, detection and analysis, test means and process equipment.

2. Have certain r&d technical force and a certain number of professional r&d personnel.

3. Improved organizational system of r&d institutions, clear development planning and objectives, sound rules and regulations and incentive measures, and high r&d ability of the main person in charge.

4. Research and development institutions shall research and develop at least two new products or topics selected by themselves every year, and have a strong awareness of intellectual property protection.

Shijiazhuang chentai filter paper co., ltd. has the research and development strength

Research and development equipment

1. Shijiazhuang chentai filter paper has a research and development center with a building area of 1800 square meters. In terms of technical research and development, it has mature product research and development process and the ability to test and develop oriented paper ahead of the current industrial environment;With German TOPAS performance test-bed, 3000 traffic product test bench, the Dutch phenom electric jingyi, Swiss textest AG water resistance meter, Swiss textest AG porosity meter value of about $10 million worth of filter material preparation, material analysis, performance testing instrument, the filter material filter product test bench and other kinds of research and development equipment, complete testing instruments, with all-weather, all indicators of independent testing and product research and development ability.

Technical personnel

2, Chen tai has professional r&d team, more than 30 people, senior doctor, be engaged in relevant field of international filter filter paper industry for master's, undergraduate and powerful technical team power and overseas with the hebei university of science and technology to carry out all-round production-teaching-research combination, make the company the cultivation of professional talents, transmission and got a strong technical support of new and high technology research and development.


3, since 2015 our company with complete more than twenty major r&d projects, only won eight independent research and development projects in 2018 and has obtained national patent protection: filter paper machine dryer steam recycling system of research and development, the filter paper cutting machine research and development, the filter paper machine of humidification system research and development, the filter paper machine double sizing system development, receive a roll of paper roll tension control device research and development, the starch glue used in filter paper machine configuration device research and development, the filter pressure device research and development, the filter paper machine with pulp mixing system research and development.

Deep pockets

4. Stable capital guarantee: shijiazhuang chentai filter paper co., ltd. is a key support enterprise of jinzhou city. With large scale, complete facilities and standardized management, it is a quality benchmark enterprise of jinzhou city.Since its inception, the development trend is good, the production and sales volume in the industry far ahead, in the environmental protection, tax, production safety and other aspects of any bad record, the company has a comprehensive strength based on the foundation and the major financial Banks and other institutions have a good relationship of cooperation, has a strong financial security system.

Shijiazhuang chentai filter paper co., ltd. has these research and development conditions, which means that the enterprise has independent innovation ability, promote scientific and technological cooperation between industry, university and research institutes, provide technical support for product upgrading and large-scale production sold by chentai, and strengthen research and development and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.In order to ensure the quality of the premise of independent innovation and continuous development to ensure the timely delivery of orders.