Faw-volkswagen system audit completed successfully

Dec 20, 2018

From August 23 to 25, 2018, experts from faw-volkswagen system audit team came to our company for system audit.

The audit scope includes: raw material testing steps, product development process, quality inspection and testing process, production process, product packaging, customer complaint processing and resolution process, each of which has been carefully and carefully reviewed.

The audit team carried out cross-examination of chentai company, through in-depth conversation with the trial department of our company, on-site investigation, and careful inspection against system standards.The departments on trial are: r&d department, raw materials department, quality inspection department, process department, production department (production, cutting, packaging), logistics department, with the active cooperation of heads of all departments.

The audit process is divided into two stages: the first stage focuses on document audit to check the suitability, adequacy and integrity of the quality management system documents of chentai company;The second stage focuses on on-site audit to check the effectiveness of the quality management system.

 Spent 3 days in the system audit, received strong support from leaders of the company and active cooperation from the trial department, and achieved a complete success. It has become the only secondary supplier approved by faw-volkswagen business division in China.This audit indicates that although the company has a formal and mature operation process of the system, the more detailed steps of the system need to be improved and optimized. This audit is also an improvement of the standardized management of chentai.Mr. Li pan, the executive vice President of the audit and improvement items, clearly requires the heads of all departments to take effective measures to correct the deficiencies and improvement items. Other departments of the company should eliminate non-conformance items and take necessary corrective measures.