• 2022The nano production line be expanded to extend into the fields of high-efficiency, ultra-high efficiency and new material filtration, and a variety of new products for civilian and military use will be successfully developed.
  • 2020 Led the formulation of the national standard "Technical Requirements for Nanofiber Filter Materials for Nanotechnology Air Filtration".
  • 2019Long-life nanofiber products entered the OEM engine system
  • 2016Introduced the first electrospinning nanotechnology in China
  • 2014The double-layer wet composite production line was built
  • 2011The company transformed and established a R&D center, guided by technological innovation
  • 2010Launched air filter products for power generator in High temperature desert environmental
  • 2008Add two filter paper production lines dedicated for commercial vehicles, passenger car respectively
  • 1990Shijiazhuang Chentai Filter Paper Co., Ltd established,mainly produce all kinds of filter paper
No.1 production line No.2 production line No.3 production line
No.4 production line No.5 production line No.6 production line