MANN+HUMMEL audit team field visit to Chentai

Jan 29, 2019


In the market economy, in order to ensure the interests and quality of their own companies, they often select qualified suppliers among lots of suppliers. They will review the quality management system, the product itself and the product realization process of the candidate suppliers. The audit results are used as purchasing decisions. Based on the basis to ensure that the supplier's products suitable and meet the contract requirements also maintain affirmation of the supplier's capabilities. On January 8th-10th, the relevant audit team of MANN+HUMMEL reviewed the quality management system and production plant, raw material supply, new product development and production process of Shijiazhuang Chentai Filter Paper Co., Ltd. The company's executive vice president, technical director, production & quality management leaders and relevant department leaders accompanied the audit.


The MANN+HUMMEL Group is a global brand established in Germany in 1941. It is the world's leading filtration solutions specialist dedicated to the development and supply of OEM equipment for the international automotive and construction machinery industries. Nowadays there are more than 15,200 employees in 60 regions all over the world in MANN+HUMMEL Group. They entered China market in 1996. OEM for automotive, OEM for industrial and automotive aftermarket are the three main businesses of MANN+HUMMEL in the market of China. Established five major production bases in Shanghai, Changchun, Jinan, Liuzhou and Bengbu, established a China-based R&D center for the development of new products in the Asia-Pacific region. The Changchun MANN+HUMMEL Fuwei Filter Co., Ltd. is mainly the core supplier of FAW Jiefang Truck and FAW Jiefang Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory which produced the commercial vehicles and the industrial market; MANN+HUMMEL Filter (Jinan) Co., Ltd. mainly serves their customer – China National Heavy Duty Truck (CNHTC); MANN+HUMMEL Liuzhou factory mainly produces air filters, air intake manifolds and technical plastic parts for the automotive industry which provide faster service for customers in South China; MANN+HUMMEL Filter (Bengbu) Co., Ltd. specializes in air filtration Filter products such as air filters, oil filters, fuel filters and air conditioner filters. MANN+HUMMEL China has won many awards such as “Excellent Suppliers” from well-known domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers and industrial customers.

This audit was extremely important for our Chentai. The results of the audit can be directly assessed as a qualified supplier of MANN+HUMMEL. This audit is divided into two parts.First is the acquaintance of Chentai and review of each department. Audit the integrity of the informations and documents. Secondly ,this is a field visit, an examination of the execution capabilities of each departments and the authenticity of the verification process.

Our each departments well cooperated during this audit and recorded the shortcomings of the information in time for timely resolution after this meeting. From R&D to workshop then quality inspection, through strict review of process confirmation, quality control, and calibration of laboratory equipment, the audit team gives our quality management work, progress,changes, and basic equipment full affirmation.All in all, we got a very high evaluation of management model. At the same time, the audit team put forward improvement requirements and suggestions for the company's current weak links, which laid the foundation for the subsequent cooperation

During the three-day field visit and audit was successful achieved, we are very grateful to the MANN+HUMMEL System Audit Team for its guidance and suggestions to help us improve our quality system