What is the advantage of nanofiber filter media?

Mar 18, 2017

Nanofiber filter media is used throughout industry to separate small liquid droplets from gas streams or from another liquid phase. Several factors influence the efficiency and economics of the separation. In general, droplets in the 0.1- to 0.8-micron ([micro]) range are the most difficult to remove. Polymer nanofibers, made in our laboratory, provide a flexible and adjustable system for optimizing the filter structure to capture particles in the size range that has the highest probability for passing through the filter.

nanofiber filter media

Unlike other filter media, the primary purpose of nanofiber filter media is to stop particles from moving with the fluid stream, coalescing filter media have the additional requirements of making the drops coalesce into larger drops and of providing a means for them to drain out of the medium. In operations such as gas compression, coalescing filters may be used upstream of the compressor to protect the equipment. They may also be used downstream to collect compressor oil. The compressor oil is typically an expensive synthetic oil used in the compressor as a coolant, sealant and lubricant. Coalescence filters are used to recover and recycle the oil back to the compressor. Recovering even smaller droplets also reduces airborne emissions in many processes and helps in regulatory compliance.