How does nanofiber filter media work?

Mar 21, 2017

There are many nanofiber filter medias in market. Do you know the work principle of it?

nanofiber filter media

Slip flow phenomena are of great concern in aerosol filtration because of their ability to develop low-pressure drops and high collection efficiency air filters by using nanofibers. However, it is a difficult task to verify the slip flow effect on the reduction in pressure drop because the inhomogeneity in fiber packing also results in a decrease in pressure drop. In the present work, we propose pressure drop measurements at low pressures to verify the slip flow effect by distinguishing the effects of filter inhomogeneity. We found that the experimental dimensionless drag at low-pressure conditions, which was obtained with correction by the inhomogeneity factor measured at atmospheric pressure, followed the theoretical prediction that includes the slip flow correction (Kirsch and Stechkina, 1978) for both conventional PTFE and newly developed fluororesin nanofiber filter media. Because the dimensionless drags of both nanofiber filters decreased inversely proportional to the Knudsen number, we concluded that these nanofiber filters have low-pressure drops because of slip flow effects.

We have exported nanofiber filter media many years.