Do you know cartridge dust collectors?

Oct 29, 2016

Chentai is dust collector air filter media manufacturer in China, surely, we also know the types of dust collectors. Today, I want to introduce cartridge dust collectors for you.

Cartridge dust collectors are typically less expensive than baghouses and have a much smaller footprint. They work best when there are limited space or height restrictions in the work environment. Use of pleated bags in cartridge dust collectors increases filter media square footage without the need for additional space, allowing greater airflow in a much smaller area.

Cartridge dust collectors are available pre-fab and in many cases do not need to be custom built, reducing both costs and lead time. For most applications they are just as efficient at removing dust as baghouses with a few exceptions such as sawdust removal and others.

Cartridge collectors perform best in environments where greater than 500 CFM dust removal is required and there is low dust loading (less than one 55 gallon drum). A cartridge collector is also easier to maintain than a baghouse – filters are replaced from outside the collector, reducing health and safety risks from having to enter the collector to replace filters.

If you need cartridge collectors, you must need dust collector air filter media.