Chentai provides enhanced filtration

Oct 21, 2016

Demanding high dust environments require high performance filtration. In these environments, it is crucial that the dust collector air filter media removes submicron contamainant particles in order to best protect and increase the life of the engine. At the same time, it is also important that the air filter captures high amounts of those contaminats to extend filter replacement intervals. The goal is better engine protection and longer filter service life.

With this in mind, Chentai is introducing a line of Extreme Performance heavy-duty air filter media, which utilize our patent pending, proprietary Chentai nanofiber technology.

dust collector air filter media

Chentai nanofiber filter media feature a lattice-like structure composed of submicron diameter fibers bonded to cellulose meida. This structure provides filtration that is markedly different from that which can be achieved with conventional cellilose media alone.

With Chentai media, fine contaminant particles – down to the submicron level – tend to load on the media surface rather than penetrating deeper into media. The result is higher initial contaminant removal efficiency and lower flow restriction.

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