Chentai’s market about air filter paper

Jul 04, 2016

Chentai as the leading industry in the air filter paper field. Which is special for gas turbine air-intake filter media (nanofiber filter media) and dust collector air filter media.

dust collector air filter media

We not only sell high quality products. More importantly, we pay attention to professional after-sales service.

For each order, we will keep detailed records on all manufacturing processes and data, maintain the original data, indicators and samples for costomers, and establish detailed message files. In this way, we not only provide references for manufacturing process and error correction, but also provide maximum convenience to customers for repetitive manufatcuring.

Our products have successfully entered the international market in Asia, Africa, Europe and America, and sold well in 38 countries in the world, e.g. the US, Germany, Italy, Republic of Korea and India.