The quality inspection of Chentai

Jul 02, 2016

Chentai has standard laboratories with completed and advanced testing equipment. They own around the clock and all-index independent testing ability, also could monitor all index during the manufacturing process.

dust collector air filter media

We use the most advanced equipment to control product quality. With the most stringent attitude, all staffs make all-round quality inspection on products in all processes. Only products that have passed our series of test are qualified to have a “Chentai” label. We will do the inspection as followings:

1. Quantitative Test

2. Air Permeability Test

3. Bursting Strength Test

4. Stiffness Test

5. Pore Size Test

6. Thickness Test

7. Resin Content Test

8. Moisture Test

9. Folding Test

10. Appearance Test

So if you need dust collector air filter media and gas turbine air-intake filter media, plus you want to ensure the quality. You surely come to consult our product at your any time.