The technology of “nano” in Chentai

Jan 22, 2017

The latest buzzword in the world of technologically advanced products is "nano." Nanofiber filters and nanofiber filter media are utilized in applications where sub-micron fiber diameters, high filtration efficiency, high surface area and other unique properties are preferred. Chentai has used its proprietary Ultra-Web® nanofiber filter media in industrial applications for more than 28 years and in the diesel engine market for over 17 years. Chentai offers nanofiber coated media and remains the leader in nanofiber filtration products.

nanofiber filter media

The fiber diameter in nanofibers is smaller than meltblown and conventional media fibers. Our nanofiber filter media on a variety of substrates making it a versatile solution to customer filtration problems.

Substrates provide appropriate media and mechanical properties to allow for pleating, filter fabrication, and durability. They are often chosen from conventional filter materials which allow the use of standard filter media pleating and manufacturing equipment. The finished filters can be used in various filtration industries for a broad range of filtration applications.