The Value of Nanofiber Filter Media

Sep 27, 2016

Nanofiber filter media has well documented and time proven results at delivering outstanding performance and quality. Chentai Nanofiber offers dramatic savings and value compared to commodity or generic blended filters including those with inferior surface coating treatments. Chentai Nanofiber filters help you maximize:

Filter Replacement Savings (Longer Filter Life) - Lower pressure drop and fewer pulse cleaning cycles result in up to double the life and half the replacement costs with nanofiber filters.

Compressed Air Savings - Dust is easily dislodged during cleaning because it remains on the nanofiber surface layer and does not embed within the media base substrate. As a result, the number of compressed air pulse cleaning cycles is significantly less thus dramatically reducing compressed air usage.

Nanofiber Filter Media

Energy Savings -Exceptional surface-loading capability dramatically reduces pressure build up resulting in reduced energy requirements to operate your system.

Cleaner Air - MERV 15 efficiency, reduced pressure drop and fewer cleaning cycles result in significantly reduced outlet emissions from system operation and a healthier work environment.

Due to its superior performance, Chentai Nanofiber is the standard technology that we equip all of our cartridge dust collectors with.

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