5 main features of industrial filter media

Jul 29, 2016

Industrial filter media can enhance the performance of your industrial filter unit by utilizing surface filtration technology as apposed traditional depth filtration. 5 features you must know.

industrial filter media

1. Absorb water, can be applied to the cooling liquid, drawing liquid, swarf oil, hydraulic oil, water, rust and other metal working fluids, can quickly and efficiently even through filter paper, to meet the traffic demand.

2. The filter paper width 300-2000mm, general grinding machines tape filtration equipment ranging in width from 350-1800mm, another large-scale filtration device width of 2 meters.

3. High-precision filter, filter paper filtration precision within the range of 15-40 microns, meet centerless grinding machine, drawing machine, hobbing machine, CNC machining, etc., can be customized according to different filtering accuracy requirements.