4 factors of selecting the filter paper

Mar 17, 2016

air filter paper

Select the appropriate air filter paper permeable to consider the following four factors and make a decision.

1. Hardness.

Air filter paper in the filter becomes wet, some of the experimental procedure should be considered a long filter tougher water after using the wet filter paper.

2. Filtration efficiency

The degree of density and size of seepage holes on the filter, affecting its filtration efficiency. High efficiency filter paper both fast speed, and the resolution is high.

3. Capacity.

Filtration accumulation of solid particles or clog the pores of the filter paper, and therefore the more intensive seepage holes, which also represents the higher the capacity, the more allowable filtration filter Timor.

4. Applicability.

Some filter papers are the use of a special production step accomplished, for example, in medicine test used to determine the nitrogen content in the blood, you must use the nitrogen-free filter paper.