How to choose industrial filter media?

Mar 27, 2017

You probably know some or most of the factors that go into choosing industrial filter media for your application: sizing, temperature considerations, fluid or air flow, and so on. Today we’re going to take a granular look at one of the most important aspects of media selection: tailoring your filter to the type of dust it'll be encountering. I will tell you the top four questions you should ask when choosing filters:

1) Is the dust loose and free flowing, or is it sticky so that it agglomerates into a larger cake or mass?

2) What is the dust particle shape, size, and distribution or density?

3) Is the dust abrasive?

4) Is the dust fibrous?

industrial filter media

Making sure you have the right industrial filter media will keep your systems running cleanly and efficiently, with less turnover of filters, collectors, and equipment. By asking just a few simple questions, you can ensure that you’re getting the most out of your resources.