When you need industrial filter?

Mar 13, 2017

Industrial Filter Media

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If your issue is an immune system-crippling condition like asthma, COPD, emphysema or serious allergies, you should choose the highest quality filter and the best choice is a larger industrial filter. Anyone requiring general dust removal or who has low to mild allergies will find that an industrial filter will likely be more than they need.

Industrial air purifiers should be considered if you have a large coverage area, such as a basement or larger living area, since most home air purifiers do not have sufficient air flow to effectively clean larger sized rooms. A good example of this is mold removal in a basement.

One area where portable commercial air purifiers pretty much have to be used is for smoke and odor removal. Smaller air cleaners generally do not have enough filter media (typically carbon) to properly adsorb these gases. While HEPA air purifiers can help somewhat with light odors, gases tend to pass through the HEPA filter paper and a large surface area of carbon like many industrial units have would be needed to start reducing pollutants.

Yet, while the industrial air purifiers are indeed appropriate in those certain instances, they still provide a few major hang-ups for the average consumer.

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