Technology of nanofiber filter media

Mar 11, 2017

Saying of nanofiber filter media, I want to talk about some process of it. The production process and quality control of electrospinning nanofiber webs present some special challenges. The electrospinning process itself has many important technical parameters that must be understood and controlled. These include polymer and solvent selection; electrical field control; solvent evaporation and management; and nanofiber web formation and characterization.

Quality control of the nanofiber web is also important. Because of the small fibers and low basis weights, traditional on-line QC methodologies used for conventional non-wovens may not be appropriate and so novel methods have been developed. A patented method has been successfully implemented to provide real-time information about web consistency in the both the machine and cross-machine direction.

The picture shows a nanofiber filter media sample that has been exposed to aNanofiber Filter Media submicron sodium chloride contaminant. The nanofibers are covered with the salt particles, while the larger substrate fiber has collected relatively few of the submicron particles. Increased filtration efficiency for submicron contaminants can be achieved with Donaldson nanofiber filter media. Nanofibers are key in creating unique filtration products suitable for a wide spectrum of filtration solutions. Chentai Company continues to be the leader in this field because they were the pioneer.