Applications for nanofiber filter media

Mar 04, 2017

Nanofibers can improve the performance of filter media's ability to remove particulates from air streams. This improvement can be seen in air intake streams of vehicles, computer disk drive ventilation, and high efficiency filtration. In the case of cabin air filters, removing the particulate matter Improve the comfort and health of the passengers. Nanofiber filer medias offer enhanced filtration performance in both mobile and stationary engines and industrial filtration applications.

nanofiber filter media

With respect to engines, combustion turbines and combustion furnaces, it is important to remove particulate material from the air stream supply that can cause substantial damage to the internal components. In other instances, production gases or off gases from combustion engine and industrial processes may contain Dam removal particulate material and minimise pollution discharge to the environment.

This dust, cake can be used in self-cleaning or pulse cleaning filter applications. The dust side of the filter media can be removed by back pulsing air through the media to rejuvenate it. As a great force Is exerted on the surface during the back during the in the back pulse, nanofiber with difficulty adhesion or difficulties of little nanofibers to substrates can be delaminate as the shock wave moves from the interior of a filter through the substrate to the nanofiber. Substrate, enabling longer life and improved efficiencies in pulse cleaning applications because of the greater particle collection and overall energy expended during the clearing process.

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