Choose dust collector you must know

Mar 01, 2017

As an air filter paper manufacturer in China, we know it is important that install a dust collector into a factory. Here I will share some tips when you choose dust collector.

Dust Collector Air Filter Media

Installing a dust collector into your factory revolves around the want to keep employees, equipment and work areas safe from dust. Unfortunately, this installation often occurs under a grudge purchase situation. Although the first thought may be to select the most affordable dust collector, the purpose of the dust collector is to maintain a safe working environment and corners should never be cut. The price of the unit and accessories should never interfere with the safety that dust collectors are designed to produce. The following are ten tips for making your dust collector as safe as possible to ensure the job is being done as well as possible.

  • Look for a dust collector with a higher pressure rating

  • Don't overlook the ductwork

  • Never store dust in the hopper

  • Don't use a programmable logic controller (PLC) to control pulse-cleaning of filters

  • Don't rely on filter percentage efficiencies or MERV ratings to predict compliance

  • Consider ease and safety of filter change-out

  • Reduce change-out frequency with long-life filters

  • Optimize fire prevention

  • Evaluate needs for additional safety accessories

  • Consider a safety monitoring filter

From the 10 tips, the most important is the safety dust collector air filter media.