Why need choose dust collection air filter media?

Feb 24, 2017

Dust collector air filter media selection is simple if the many variables, which may be involved aren't considered. However, proper media selection takes more work. Thorough and scientific selection will yield excellent long-term results in the form of longer bag life, better bag performance, fewer maintenance headaches and environmental issues.

Dust Collector Air Filter Media

Proper media selection also requires a solid understanding of process conditions, and it requires knowledge of how various fibers and filter media designs perform in a given environment. That is why many companies choose to leave the filter media selection to experts who, based on their experience and industry knowledge, are able to match those process conditions to the capabilities of the available fibers and fabrics.

This air filter media is applied in the air filter of industrial dust collector.When air goes through filter, dust will be separated and stayed on the surface of filter media.Clean air passes and enters in the system,then exhausted from air outlet.After using for some time, cleaning device will start and make pulses to clear accumulated dust on the filter.Therefore,good filtration efficiency, high burst strength and smooth surface are the necessary requirements of dust collector filter media.