The trend of industrial filter media

Feb 20, 2017

The global industrial air filtration market is expected to reach USD 6.23 billion by 2020. Stringent regulations and the need to comply with several emission standards is expected to impel market demand over the forecast period. Industrial air filtration systems enhance the health and safety of of operating A increasing industrial capacity of loss of production, which is also expected to drive market growth over the forecast period. Furthermore, an effective industrial air filtration system Applications also improve overall system reliability and improvement manufacturing processes, thus offering avenues for market growth.

Industrial air filter media systems are also used to remove different types of air-borne contaminants from the various manufacturing stages. They also remove any odors and oil vapor or any dust particulates. A few specialized filters such as high-performance HEPA filters help remove germs and Mologene producing sterile air, and are expected to fuel market demand over the next six years.

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