What do I do when my paper air filter becomes clogged or dirty?

Feb 07, 2017

Air filter paper is using more and more in many place. A paper replacement air filter is recommended to perform for around 12 to 15 thousand miles, depending on the driving environment. If you frequently drive on dirt roads or in a dusty environment, you may need to replace your paper air filter more often. It is important that you replace your paper air filter when it gets dirty and restrictive. If you don't replace your paper filter when it gets dirty and restrictive it can have a negative effect on vehicle performance.

air filter paper

One of the down sides of using a disposable type paper air filter is that they cannot be cleaned and reused. Once an air filter paper reaches the end of it's service life, you will need to throw it away and purchase another one. Fortunately paper air filters are not very expensive if you install them yourself. If you get your paper air filter replaced at a vehicle dealership it might be much more expensive so avoid this if you are looking to cut costs.