Why do we need industrial filter media?

Jan 11, 2017

Air pollution is a hot topic nowadays. We lead our theme about industrial filter media with this topic. I mainly talk about two aspects.

Product Recovery

Air is used to transport solids through the process or used for combustion of fuel. Many of the production processes begin as a solution of solids and water. Process air is needed to remove the moisture which in turn creates the solid to be collected such as in the manufacture of powdered milk. The“Product Recovery”side of industrial filtration tends to be a closed loop systems. First because the value of the product and also the disposal of the waste is costly. A closed loop system is one in which the process waste is returned back into the process instead of disposing of it.

Pollution Control

Pollution - unwanted particles being released into the atmosphere. Acceptable outlet loading is specified by the EPA. Filters used to clean up air that is released to atmosphere are referred to as pollution control devices. Examples of these processes are; Steel, coal fired boilers, Asphalt, Foundry, Incinerators, Waste to Energy and Wood.

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