Why do we prefer nanofiber filter media?

Dec 28, 2016

Nanofiber performance layer media can be produced on a variety of substrate materials and built into many different filter configurations. A nanofiber filter media can be applied on cellulose, synthetic, and spunbond media substrates improving the performance of each of these media. The substrates can be selected for their unique anti-static, temperature, or moisture-resistant properties while still obtaining the advantages of the nanofiber performance layer. Nanofiber performance layer filters have been available as cartridge filters for years, but manufacturers are now offering these media in pleated bag and fluted filter configurations.

Nanofiber Filter Media

The expansion of filter configurations and the availability of premium nanofiber filter media for a broader variety of applications means more dust collector operators can make the switch from commodity filters, reducing their emissions, saving energy, and improving their bottom line.

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