How to install vehicle filter paper?

Dec 17, 2016

Vehicle filter paper installation and maintenance guide

air filter paper

1. During installation, air filter paper and the engine intake pipe between rubber pipe coupling or direct coupling must be tight and reliable, to prevent leakage, the filter must be installed at both ends of the rubber gasket surface; fixed wing air filter housing nuts can not be tightened too much, so as not to crush paper filter.

2. In use, the air filter paper to prevent rain water paper, because once a large amount of water adsorbed paper, will greatly increase the intake resistance, shorten the service life.

3. Some vehicle engine is equipped with Tornado air filter, paper filter ends of the plastic cover is shroud cast blades rotating air.

4. During maintenance, vehicle filter paper never use oil cleaning, otherwise the paper filter will be failure, but also easily lead to accidents.

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