The Most Important Market for Nonwovens in Filtration

Nov 09, 2016

The U.S. has shown that ‘tight Government Legislation’ may be the key to expected growth (pm 10 legislation, pm 2.5 legislation) but its ‘enforcement’ is another story. If all industries would fully comply with current outlet emissions, the baghouse/fabric collector market and filter bags with it, would be 100% larger. We need industrial filter media to reduce this situation.

Face masks and particularly the so-called medical SMS filter media has seen normal growth until earlier in 2003. With SARS however, that changed dramatically with the production of one million masks per day for the last 3 months in China alone. We were told that in China more than One Billion face masks will be produced in 2003. The Avian Flue creates a new opportunity.

industrial filter media

Further growth in automotive applications for nonwovens replacing phenolic resin impregnated cellulose paper will continue, but it is a slow process.

Meltblown/microfiber/electret nonwovens and now also nanofiber filter media is the fastest growing segment within nonwovens in filtration.

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