Do you know the applications using nanofiber filter media?

Nov 05, 2016

Nanowebs have been used in a variety of air filtration applications. I will share you some of the unique attributes of nanofiber filter media throngh an examination of their performance in two different applications.

nanofiber filter media

One is that has not been modeled is dust cake release, or “self-cleanability”. An experiment was completed to investigate the self-cleanability of nanofiber media. This experiment was designed to emulate a pulse-cleaned cartridge dust collector application. Dust collectors are commonly used in industrial environments where airborne particulate matter needs to be removed to be protect people or processes. Some common applications for dust collerctors are woodworking, sanding, painting, welding, and grinding operations.

A cartridge element test system was assembled and is shown schematically in the next picturer. Clean air enters the system through a HEPA filter, is combined with a dust stream, and is supplied through a series of ducts to the filter element. Filtered air then exits the test system through another HEPA filter and exhausts through a blower outlet. The ducts were specifically designed to provide airflow to the filter element with a uniform velocity profile. A compressed-air manifole and pulse valve allow pulse-cleaning of the filter element. Dust is fed into the system with a screw-type metering dust feeder. Dust that has been collected and pulse-cleaned from the filter element is recycled throgh the use of an air lock valve at the bottom of the filter element test chamber.

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