4 factors we need know about filter material

Sep 08, 2016

Factory production process often emit more smoke, soot emissions to countries with strict regulations, which requires us to use environmentally friendly industrial filter media materials factory in the production process to filter the smoke.

Select a product in this regard need to consider the following factors:

1, the filtration efficiency. Filtration efficiency and dust bag filter on the one hand related to the structure, it also depends on the filter dust layer formed from the filter structure, the filtering effect of short fibers than long fibers.

2, air permeability and resistance. Ventilation rate is at a certain pressure difference, the amount of gas per unit area on the filter through. Filter resistance and permeability directly related.

3, dust holding capacity. Dust holding capacity, also known as dust load, means to achieve a given amount of dust accumulated value of the resistance per unit area of filter.

4, filter life. The filter life refers to the time in the media under normal use conditions damaged.

The four factors we need to consider when selecting dust bag. If you have less experience in this filter, you can view this website: www.chentai.net. A professional industrial filter media manufacturer in China.