The application of cabin air filter media

Aug 22, 2016

Effective cabin filter media places heavy demands on filter media. The filter must remove both particulates and odors from the cabin air space. H&V combines multiple filtration technologies to create the high-performance media that manufacturers’ desire.

cabin filter media

MFM/adsorptive filter media incorporate unique, multilayered structures that remove vapors and gases from the air space. Our media can be combined with almost all particulate filtration media and scrims.

Meltblown and Technostat media are highly effective for particulate filtration.

These materials can be laminated to a stiff carrier or mesh for pleating purposes. H&V’s media can be processed on roto or blade pleating machines. Our application experts can optimize machine settings to ensure the fastest production speed. H&V manufactures cabin filter media at its regional mills around the world for fast delivery and local application support.