Another Pool Turns Green, and a Chemical Imbalance Is Blamed

Aug 12, 2016

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RIO DE JANEIRO — The problem of the suddenly green water in the Olympic diving pool worsened Wednesday as whatever was ailing the pool migrated (albeit in a lighter shade of green) to the nearby pool used for water polo and synchronized swimming. But Olympic officials said that after extensive tests, they had finally pinpointed the reason: a chemical imbalance caused by too many people using the water.

Nope, said Nate Hernandez, director of aquatic solutions at VivoAquatics, a pool care company based in California whose clients include hotels and resorts.

"To be honest, people pee in the pool all the time — this wouldn’t affect it," he said via email.

Pool experts said that with decent pool maintenance, water in a pool should not change color so drastically and quickly.

"If the pool’s systems are properly sized with adequate filtration and using appropriate chemical distribution, they should be able to maintain clarity and sanitation even during peak use," Jamie Novak, a brand manager at NC Brands, a swimming pool and spa chemical manufacturer based in Connecticut, said in an email.

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