7 Key advantages of dust collector air filter media

Jul 11, 2016

Air flow drops off considerably as the bag becomes clogged with dust. Fine particles are then forced through the woven fabric of the bag, creating large clouds of messy, harmful dust. If we need a clear air, wo need dust collector air filter media. The advantages of media are as followings:

dust collector air filter media

· Improved Suction Performance - Continuous airflow allows for increased vacuum suction on tools for better dust capture. No clogging at the sanding drum and no dust left on floors minimizes the need to vacuum between sanding.

· Clean Operation - Teflon-like coated HEPA filters capture 99.97% of material down to 0.3 microns (µm). Removes the need for plastic sheeting and furniture covers. Shown in tests to be 100× cleaner than cloth bag systems.

· Portable & Lightweight - Small diameter hose means the entire assembly is much lighter and since the cyclone mounts directly to your sander you eliminate the need to have bulky dust collectors in the same room.

· Dust Containment - All sawdust and other waste is contained in a remotely located, plastic bag lined, 35 Gal. industrial steel drum.

· Fast & Easy Cleanup - The Plastic Bag Hold Down System makes it easy to remove and dispose of dust filled bags. No more dust clouds from dumping out the drum!

· Comparatively Quiet - Keep customers (and their neighbors!) happy by reducing the noise levels from sanding machines by approximately 10-15 dBa.

· Electrically Safe - The entire assembly is grounded via a 2" Diam. static dissipating hose, protecting you and your equipment from harmful static electricity discharges (present in any wood sanding environment).