The raw materials dust collector air filter media

Jun 24, 2016

Chentai is a air filter paper manufacturer in China, we provide high quality dust collector air filter media. Excellent quality comes from the source. Our raw materials come from influential excellent suppliers at home and abroad with completed quality assurance system.

dust collector air filter media

Our raw materials as following:

Acrylic Resin:

Acrylic acid resin: We use resin with the best quality in China. We also use “Lubrizol”, a word-famous brand resin imported from abroad. Our products have good air permeability and good water resistance effects, and could greatly enhance the bursling pressure and stiffness of filter paper.

Phenolic Resin:

We use high quality phenol resin manufactured by Shengquan Chemical Group, which is a Sino-UK joint venture and the 5th best resin manufacturers in the world. All specifications of products are precisely completed. The products have high stability, low fluctuation rate and excellent solidification effect, and could effectively enhance the thermostable performance and stiffness of products.

Wood Puip:

Wood pulp: We use merverizing raw pulp imported from the US, especial pulp for long fiber filter paper. Northern Lights raw pulp, Rose River flashy dry pulp and superfine fiber imported from Sweden. These raw materials are green and environmental-friendly, beneficial to enhance the filter efficiency and dust holding capacity of filter paper. The products have good air permeability and large filter area, and users could effectively increase their lifespan.


We use the special dyestuff for filter paper that is imported from Sandoz Clariant Chemicals Group in Switzerland, a Fortune Global 500 enterprise. It is environmental- friendly, pollution-free, and has good color fixing effects and excellent color. The color of products will not fade for a long time, and the products will not be contaminated by other colors.