Gas Turbine Air-Intake Filter Media (Nano Fiber Filter Media)

Jun 20, 2016

Gas turbine air intake filter media request higher efficiency due to working environment and conditions,so nano superfine fiber is necessary during production to increase filter media performance.

Gas turbine air intake filter media

This filter media is applied to the air-intake filter of gas turbine. It will filtrate the dust and impurities when air goes through media to enter in compression room. Its filtration function keeps clean air to be supplied, which assures that gas turbine generator maintains safe and smooth operation. If the filtration precision is not high, the dirt will pass and stick on compressor blades, accordingly, washing times is increased to clear blades. Thus the generator set will consume more energy but output less electricity. Besides, the dust particles easily cause blockage at air intake and come into collision with compressor blades, which will seriously affect the performance and safety of generator set, shorten its lifetime. Therefore, high quality industrial filter media is especially important to apply in the gas turbine air filters.