About gas turbine filter media

Jun 17, 2016

Gas Turbine (Gas Turbine) is a rotary power machinery which can continuous flow of gas as the working fluid, the heat energy is converted to mechanical work. In the main flow of air and gas, there are three components of the gas turbine cycle only the compressor (Compressor), a combustion chamber (Combustor) and gas turbine (Turbine), known as the simple cycle.

At the start of the gas turbine, the first need outside power, generally driven by the compressor starter, mechanical work until the issue is larger than the gas turbine compressor consumes mechanical work outside starter tripping of the gas turbine itself can work independently.

Gas turbine filter media

In order to promote the efficient work of the gas turbine in a better way, we also need air filter paper. Gas turbine filter media is just the best choice, if you want to learn more about the industrial filter media or other relative product and info, you can contact us at your time.