Filter paper can detect whether the oil need change

Mar 01, 2016

Oil directly affects the efficiency of the engine and engine life. Timely replacement of oil is very necessary. We use filter paper for checking the condition of the oil which will be able to were the determination of the different components of the oil contained inside, to determine whether the oil has deteriorated.

Remove the oil dipstick, oil filter paper in the slow drip drop of oil on the dipstick, the dipstick is placed horizontally, wait 24 hours. Then the oil ring in the periphery of the oil ring diffusion, color from light yellow to reddish brown, indicating the degree of oxidation of the oil.

Oil represents four levels of quality:

Level 1: no obvious boundaries between the deposition zone oil spots and diffusion regions, a uniform color throughout the oil patch, oil ring light and bright, good quality oil.

Level 1

Level 2: deposition ring color depth, wide diffusion ring, with a clear dividing line, as a yellow oil ring at different depths, contaminated oil, oil can still be used.

Level 2

Level 3: deposition ring dark, dense sediment, diffuser ring narrow, darker oil ring, oil has deteriorated.

Level 4: only the central deposition ring and oil ring, no ring diffusion, deposition of sediments dense and thick black ring condensed, easy to dry, dark yellow and light brown oil into the ring, has oil oxidation deterioration.

Level 3/ Level 4

When the level 3 reached the spot test would need to be replaced. Availability of level 3 said oil quality has deteriorated severely, recommended that owners and diffusion in the deposition ring ring color is darker with the diffusion ring is narrowed when an oil change.