How Calculating Pressure Drop of Nanofiber Air Filter Media?

Sep 25, 2015

Nanofibers are becoming an integral part of many advanced air filter media thanks to their enormous specific surface area. However, the large surface area can cause strong resistance against fluid motion, which leads to an increase in pressure drop. Pressure drop caused by fibrous media has been the focus of many pioneering studies in the past, resulting in analytical or empirical correlations such as the developed by Davies.

Dust Collector Air Filter Media

However, such correlations are inaccurate in the pressure drop of fibrous media made up of nanofibers. This is because these correlations do not take into account the effects of aerodynamic slip on nanofibers. Aerodynamic slip takes place when the diameter of the fibers is comparable to the mean free path of the molecules in the air, and the flow field around the fiber can no longer be assumed a continuum.

Therefor, the air filter media has a important role in calculating the pressure, so we also should pay attention to that. Any questions you can visit air filter media page.